Absolutely No Open Toed Shoes or High Heels Will Be Allowed On The Trail.

WARNING:  All patrons enter at their own risk. Owners & sponsors are not responsible or liable for any harm incurred on the premises. This attraction contains high impact scares and strobe lights which may not be suitable for people with heart conditions or prone to seizures. Attraction may include the use of fog juice as well as spraying water. Sorry, NO pregnant women, infants, or children being carried will be allowed entry. Not recommended for children under 12.

To provide a enjoyable and safe Haunted Forest experience for all patrons, the following Rules of the DARK NIGHTMARES HAUNTED FOREST are in effect and apply to all patrons (without exception)

  • Absolutely No Smoking in Line or anywhere in the Haunted Forest attraction. We will have designated smoking areas outside of the Haunted Forest.
  • ALL guest must stay on the path at all times.
  • NO SMOKING OR OPEN FLAMES OF ANY KIND, NO EXCEPTION! Anyone caught smoking or with an open flame (Lighter, Ect.) in the HAUNTED FOREST will not only be immediately ejected from the show, but will also receive a summons from the Town Fire Marshall NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING, INCLUDING PROPS AND OR ACTORS. DARK NIGHTMARES Has a Strict No Touching Policy for both the Actors and the Patrons. The Actors will not touch you. Anyone caught touching props or the actors will risk denied entry or pre-mature removal from the attractions.
  • NO ALCOHOL, FIREARMS AND/OR WEAPONS OF ANY TYPE ARE ALLOWED…to be consumed or carried on the premise (or in parking lot) of the DARK NIGHTMARES HAUNTED FOREST. Likewise, DARK NIGHTMARES reserves the right to deny entry to and/or pre-maturely eject, any individual(s) from a HAUNTED FOREST attraction who appear to be and/or display drunken behavior that would affect the safety and/or enjoyment of theirs and/or others’ HAUNTED FOREST experience.
  • BE SCARED BUT, BE SAFE.  The DARK NIGHTMARES HAUNTED FOREST prides itself on providing an entertaining thrill and chill fest while maintaining a higher standard of patron AND staff safety. Any individual(s) who get caught running, horsing around, fighting and/or behaving in an unsafe manner will be warned only once, then risk denied entry or pre-mature removal from the attractions of the HAUNTED FOREST.
  • DARK NIGHTMARES LLC, and/or any of the HAUNTED FOREST sponsors/supporters are not responsible for any loss, stolen and/or damaged possessions of patrons while on the premise of the HAUNTED FOREST. In addition, the HAUNTED FOREST make all possible reasonable efforts to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for its patrons. However, the nature of this event may produce certain neglectful behavior in a very small percent of its attending patrons. For those few, the above mentioned entities are NOT liable for personal injury due to neglectful behavior of patrons such as running (either within or outside the attractions), horseplay and/or any other forms of unsafe behavior on the part of the patrons that could result in injury. In short…ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • If you either can’t make in into an attraction, leave early or feel you have reason to ask for a refund after the fact. Sorry, NO REFUNDS and NO TRANSFERRING OF UNUSED TICKETS ALLOWED AND ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
  • Other than staff, no one is allowed to use flashlights, laser lights and/or any other forms of illumination including cell phones within the attractions of the HAUNTED FOREST. Please No CAMERAS. If you are caught you will be warned only once, then risk denied entry or pre-mature removal from the attractions of the HAUNTED FOREST.
  • We want you to come back and enjoy the HAUNTED FOREST year after year. So, please drive safely both to and from the HAUNTED FOREST.
  • On behalf of the entire staff of the HAUNTED FOREST, we would like to THANK YOU in advance for following these simple rules which will allow the HAUNTED FOREST to provide you and yours with the best shows possible! Happy Halloween!